Immersion into Office 365 Productivity Tools

Course Duration: Half-Day

This is a 4-hour workshop-style hands-on training session.

Next date: 29 April, 2019. Auckland.
12:30 – 4:30pm

This can also be on-site help for a group of your staff.

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Price: $375 (plus GST)

per person


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Course Summary:

Office 365 has a myriad of tools (not just SharePoint!) that enable us to work more productively. They can be, however, overwhelming! Let’s make it simple!

This course explores what’s possible in the tools offered by O365. Experience USING the tools. Figure out what could work for your company.

The challenge in most cases is:

  • I don’t know what I don’t know;
  • I don’t know when to use what tool.

Take a guided discovery through the new ways of working; gathering insight into how to USE the tools in a cohesive, practical and enhancing manner.
Learn some new tips and tricks using collaboration tools including Delve, OneNote, SharePoint Sites, OneDrive, Teams, and Planner for Tasks.

Join in full immersion exercises that will have you experiencing the integration of all these tools to make your personal work activities more seamless and your team more productive.

Get more from what you have, and be the leader to encourage your staff to do the same.

Target Audience:

  • anyone wanting to understand what is possible and how it all works together
  • anyone wanting to use more of the tools offered by Office 365 (and not sure where to start)
  • anyone using SharePoint for document management who is wondering what else it is capable of
  • those managing (or part of) a team about to embark on a SharePoint / Office 365 Project and want to understand more
  • and anyone who simply wants to be more informed about Office 365

Course Objectives:

​At the end of the course, attendees should have:

  • Practical experience USING the Office 365 apps
  • An understanding of how to use the tools in Office 365
  •  An understanding of which tools to use for which purpose.

Course Content:

Module One: Office 365 Overview

  • Introducing Office 365,
  • Navigation, Access and Profiles
  • Search
  • Understanding Online, Mobile and Desktop apps
  • What about also the power of adding & maintaining profile information in AAD?

Module Two: OneDrive for Business

  • Personal document storage with OneDrive (creating, using online aps, syncing, and moving files)
  • Sharing with External parties
  • Co-author documents with others

Module Three: OneNote for Electronic Notetaking

  • Personal Notebook (formatting, navigation, drawing and content)
  • Collaboration uses – Team Notebooks, Meetings Management, and Sharing with Externals
  • Knowledge Sharing uses for OneNote – learning materials, induction and toolkits

Module Four: Using MS Teams

  • Microsoft Teams for working together – chats, channels, membership, files and tabs (including high level architecture planning)
  • Planner for team task management
  • Integrating OneNote
  • Teams for Meetings and Video conferencing

Module Five: Bringing it all together

This is an overview of a few of the other apps and how you might use them

  • Mobile apps you can deploy and use today
  • To Do For personal task Management
  • Forms for Quizzes and Data Capture
  • Bookings to assist in scheduling key events with customers
  • Video for managing visual content internally
  • SharePoint for Intranets and wider collaboration
  • SWAY for presentations