O365 Planning and Architecture Workshop

Course Duration: Four Hours Onsite

This course is offered as a hands-on course in a public or private setting.

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PRICE: $1,500 (plus GST)

The course cost is per workshop
(unlimited number of attendees).

*Cost is dependent on location – please enquire.


 Course Summary:

This four hour workshop at your workplace is designed to help you create a shared understanding for what Office 365 will look like in your organisation, and lead you to the key considerations and decisions that need to be made when planning for your information architecture.

Course Pre-requisites:

Ideally, you will already have had an overview of what Office 365 offers (such as through the Business Capability Workshop or the Office 365 Immersion Workshop),

Course Content:

The workshop addresses these key questions:

  • Are you planning to rollout Office 365 but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need to get familiar with key terminology, understand how elements of Office 365 fit together, and what considerations you’ll need to make when planning and policy-making for the Office 365 environment?
  • Are you confused about Office 365 Groups, and where they fit in?
  • Not sure which Office 365 apps your organisation should use – whether to lock things down or leave them open?
  • Do you need help understanding the impacts of key planning and governance decisions?
  • Do you have  a clear vision of what a rollout of Office 365 will look like, feel like, sound like in your organisation – and who needs to do what to make that happen?  And does it match how your users work best?
  • Have you assessed your readiness for change and the impacts on your organisation (including support and training)?
  • Do you know how you will measure the effectiveness and adoption for your Office 365 implementation


This workshop is ideal for Executives, Business Champions, IT Teams, Project Managers, Decision Makers and anyone looking to implement Office 365; to help them understand what considerations and decisions need to be made when planning for Office 365.

ShareThePoint Ltd. provides SharePoint/O365 Training around New Zealand. Debbie Ireland, a SharePoint Trainer, developed this session based on requests from several organisations that needed clarification on where to start and what to think about before rolling out Office 365. It can be a pre-cursor to future training, or help to define the direction you take.

The Office 365 Planning and Architecture Workshop covers the following topics:

  • Identifying the key drivers, vision and success factors to measure by for WHY Office 365.
  • Understanding Office 365 capability – brief review of capability workshop elements, if required
  • Clarifying Groups, Teams, and other key application integration
  • Walk through of important Office 365 decisions in regard to use of many of the individual apps, the impacts – which to use, why, and decisions on how
  • Key SharePoint terms and concepts
    • Options for site types and templates
    • Roles & SharePoint Permissions
    • Hub Sites and planning your architecture
  • Governance considerations around policies and management of information, security and compliance
  • Migration discussions and planning

*** NOTE: this workshop sometimes required TWO sessions and a second workshop to be scheduled, based on the outputs of the first session. This is dependent on the company, where they are in their Office 365 implementation, if the Business Capability presentation has been attended, and the knowledge level and awareness of those in attendance.