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ShareThePoint (previously envisionIT NZ) have focused our efforts on SharePoint training and SharePoint conferences for the last 7 years. We employ SharePoint Training Specialists who use SharePoint every day and work with a range of organisations to get their staff up-to-speed with the features and opportunities SharePoint offers to manage information better.

Schools Training

ShareThePoint were engaged by Microsoft New Zealand to create a deliver training specifically written for schools to address the challenges they have in managing information and addressing those through best practice advice, templates, targeted training and follow-up support. We have delivered a number of training sessions for schools across New Zealand throughout 2014 and 2015.

Based on the feedback from attendees at these courses we have developed a SharePoint Quick Guide for Schools to help support the wider training of staff and support them as they start using SharePoint. In addition, the training ma​nual and session content has been refined to ensure it addresses the most relevant and important content for schools.

We have THREE key ways we can help schools:

Managing Documents

Office365, SharePoint and OneNote for Schools

Half-day sessions available as public classroom courses, or delivered on-site at your school.


​Initial SharePoint Set up

To get you up and running and using SharePoint fast! A set price package that delivers key content for use by Staff and Students.

SharePoint SOS

SharePoint SOS Membership

Ongoing Support and Training including Email Support, Webinars, Workshops and Coaching

Why Us?

Our point of difference is that we write our own training materials and are constantly adapting them to ensure we are focussed on real-world challenges.

We are realistic about the time people can afford to take out of their busy work schedules to attend training – that is why all our courses are 1/2 day or 1 day and are focussed on the most important things that are going to add the most value for people.

People will often want to learn a bit now and a bit later, to give them time to digest and practise what they have learned within their own environment. That’s why we offer refresher courses, workshops and follow-up consulting support.

For end users, the most important thing is that they feel confident using this new system. We often carry out short, sharp sessions to help guide them past that initial fear and get started using SharePoint to make their information management easier.

As part of this, we frequently customise the training materials to their SharePoint environment to make sure their reference guide closely reflects their real-world experience – not just “vanilla” SharePoint.

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