On-site Training

  • Ensure your team are trained in the basics of Office 365 and SharePoint so they can support themselves and their users.
  • Encourage continuous improvement to your Office 365 and SharePointt deployment and user adoption.
  • Enable online learning and self-help.
  • Expand the skills sets of your staff.
  • Get one of us in to Floor Walk and troubleshoot problems on the spot!
  • Talk to us about helping with Communications, Change Management and Adoption strategies (as well as planning for training!)


Ask us about on-site training, where a Office 365 and SharePoint Training Specialist comes to you. We can train in your environment (or ours). We can use the same materials as offered in our public courses or cut-down versions of these. We can use your premises and hardware, or provide laptops and facilities. The options are endless!

Course content and materials can be tailored to your projects and Office 365 and SharePoint sites. Are you just starting out on your Office 365 and SharePoint journey? We can provide a Business Capability Workshop for your project team, or executives wanting to understand more about “what Office 365 and SharePoint does” . Being vendor-neutral, this can help with RFP decision processes and ensure your organisation has the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Save time and costs and get everyone on the same page.

Have you already had training?

– attended a public course, or had ShareThePoint instruct one of our courses for you on-site? Time for a refresher?

Ask us about half-day and one-day refresher and engagement workshops where we can:

  • target our training to your current requirements and site usage.
  • explore ways to do more with what you have.
  • answer your questions.
  • look at ways to improve your user adoption.
  • help you to get more from your sites and your users.
  • use more of the out-of-the-box features and functionality.

Interested? Email training@sharethepoint.com now and we will contact you to discuss the options.

This is what some of our course attendees had to say…​​

bubble-bullet​”It was great to be able to work at our own pace without pressure. Help was there if we needed it but was good to be able to work it out for myself; as this is how it will be from now on!”

bubble-bullet“At our on-site course, there was a wide range of capability in the students; by and large everyone made a huge leap.”

bubble-bullet“I am setting up our business unit team site, and I could not have done so effectively without attending the Business Champion training course. It was interesting and enjoyable.”

bubble-bullet“The instruction was excellent. It was great having the course at our office. And being able to use our own site to train made the course that much more engaging.”

bubble-bullet“Debbie had a very good feel for the different skill levels in the group at our on-site training session. The course was just what we needed to take our SharePoint to the next level.”

bubble-bullet​”I had zero SharePoint experience prior to attending the Understanding SharePoint training with Liz. Nevertheless, I found it extremely informative and well-structured, and I left feeling confident. One month later and our SharePoint site is looking better than ever.”

“We were thoroughly impressed with the Instructor’s knowledge of SharePoint and that the course was so well structured, well-paced, relevant and informative. I wish all IT courses were as engaging and effective!”