OneNote for Productivity workshop

Course Duration: Half  Day

This is a 3-hour workshop-style hands-on training session.

This can also be on-site help for a group of your staff –
ask us about pricing to run this for your team!

PRICE: $299 (plus GST)

per person.

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Course Summary:

This is a hands-on workshop showing practical uses of OneNote as a productivity enhancer and ways to effectively collaborate.

Sharing information among colleagues, external parties, project and team members and in a way that works for everyone is a challenge. There are MANY options for information distribution – in person, online, all of which use a multitude of products. What everyone MOST wants is something that is SIMPLE, fits a range of needs, and can be combined with other daily work practices.

OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is also available as part of SharePoint, Office 365 Sites, and OneDrive for Business. It provides a central location to store ideas and information in the form of an electronic note. It is made up of sections and pages that allow users to add text, images, tables, links and tag that information where required. It automatically saves content, and allows several people to work together at the same time.

Come and experience the wonders of OneNote – and you’ll wonder why you never used it before!

Course Pre-requisites:

Attendees are required to BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP to the course.

You will need OneNote loaded on your laptop. If you use Office365, you will already have OneNote. Otherwise, download OneNote here

Target Audience:

Anyone who needs to quickly and easily share information among colleagues, external parties, project and team members.

Course Content:

You will learn all sorts of uses for OneNote, including:

  • How to use OneNote personally to improve your productivity and time management.
  • Creating a knowledge base for sharing critical knowledge, both formal and informal.
  • Managing project or team information, planning and processes.
  • Using the Staff Notebook App to replace current shared resources and for use as an appraisal tool.
  • Using OneNote as a learning guide, helping your staff to deliver their best work and adopt the technologies you implement.

You will learn specific techniques, such as:

  • The basic functionality of a OneNote Notebook and some to the features to work effectively.
  • The use of Sections, Section Groups, Templates and other essential layout tips and tricks.
  • Combining the strengths of Outlook, Skype for Business and OneNote to enhance meetings and information storage.
  • Sharing OneNote files and their place within SharePoint Sites and Groups and in working collaboratively with external parties.