Office 365 Productivity Tools

Course Duration: Half-Day

This is a 4-hour workshop-style hands-on training session.

This can also be on-site help for a group of your staff.

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Price: $299 (plus GST)

per person



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Course Summary:

Ever wish all the things you have to do were all listed in one place – and you would be able to see them from wherever you are?

Feel like you and your team could do with spending a bit less time on the administration of meetings?

Confused about WHICH tools to use WHEN or how to use them TOGETHER?

By making the best use of tools across O365, this course will help you to:

  • Create notes you can access your from anywhere at anytime, and on any device.
  • Collaborate with others more easily, and also make it easier to create formal docs from your notes without rework
  • Make scheduling, re-scheduling, attending and hosting meetings easier and quicker
  • Collaborate on agendas and minutes simply
  • Manage your workload (and your direct reports’ if applicable) easily, with more transparency around deadlines, bottlenecks and work distribution

Course Pre-requisites:

Ideally attendees will already have a basic  knowledge of Outlook.

Target Audience:

Anyone who wants to make notetaking, meetings, and task management more simple and integrated for self and team.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, users will be able to:

  • Use OneNote to take effective personal notes
  • Improve personal and team task management using a variety of integrated O365 tools to including the new tools : Microsoft TO DO and Planner
  • Use Outlook, Skype for Business and OneNote as team collaboration tools to run and record effective and efficient meetings

Course Content:


  • Where’s my notebook?
  • The anatomy of OneNote
  • Online vs Desktop
  • Adding, editing, and finding information in your Notebooks


  • Task management tools (what to use when)
  • Personal Task Management using Outlook Tasks
  • Using Microsoft To Do
  • Using Planner
  • OneNote for task management


  • OneNote as a team collaboration and meeting tool
  • The integration of Outlook, Skype For Business, and OneNote
  • Use Skype For Business to send an instant message and to conduct a meeting, including using content sharing

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