What are people saying about our training?

Here are just some of the reviews we have received from attendees of our public and on-site training courses.

Office 365 SharePoint public course, Auckland, November 2016

“Our ShareThePoint facilitator at the recent workshop was not only engaging and professional, but highly knowledgeable across all SharePoint features. Being able to deliver across a wide range of areas to a diverse skill group is a challenge, and one that Debbie excels at. This course is great for both middle to experienced SharePoint users.”

Julie Jorgensen, Performance Systems Consultant, High Performance Sport New Zealand

Office 365 SharePoint public course, Auckland, November 2016

“Having attended quite a few SharePoint training courses, I found ShareThePoint’s new Office 365 Immersion course was the first SharePoint training where I felt positive that the product was mature enough to be rolled out to customers. The course is run at a speed that means the students can keep up and nobody gets left behind. The training manuals are easy to follow and the labs are designed in such a way that everybody accomplishes and learns something; from beginners through to intermediate experienced users. I walked away at the end of the day feeling I could quite easily create a SharePoint intranet site that would be a useful starting point.”

Iain Fenwick

Understanding SharePoint public course, Invercargill, March 2016

“The Understanding SharePoint training provided a good overview of the product, enabling me to better understand how it could serve our business in the future. For those new to it and considering its usefulness, I can recommend the course.
People attending the course had different levels of skill and experience with SharePoint and the instructor handled this well, providing support for those new to it while allowing those with more experience to progress through the exercises at their speed. I felt I had the necessary support I required where I needed it.”

Stephen Keach, Programmer

Understanding SharePoint public course, Wellington, November 2015

“On the training day, many aspects of SharePoint are covered; some in brief and more in detail. SharePoint is such a powerful tool. To gain a good ‘understanding’ it is necessary to take what was covered in the course and reflect on what it is that you want to apply in your own work environment. The extras, like being shown the Promoted Icons app, were great. Like many other features, if you don’t know they exist, you can’t have the opportunity to decide if you would like them or not. Thanks for allowing access to the Training Environment for the couple of weeks post-training. This was essential in allowing me to practice my learnings in a safe environment other than my own company SharePoint site. The manual provided was an excellent reference to refer back to. Extra notes can be added as your work through the exercises. Thanks Debbie for your instruction!”

Maree Haggerty, IT Systems Coordinator, Adventure Development Ltd

Progressing SharePoint on-site course, Christchurch, June 2015

“The Progressing SharePoint 2013 course was well worth it as I learnt a lot and never knew SharePoint could do so much. The two key learnings for me were around adding columns and workflow to a list or library. This enables me to better manage associated information without cluttering up the key information. The second area was around collecting feedback from multiple sources – this has always been a difficult thing to coordinate.”

Philip Cross, Downer

Understanding SharePoint public course, Dunedin, June 2015

“The Understanding SharePoint course by ShareThePoint was professionally run and very interesting. The sections that I found most useful were on creating advanced custom Views and practical examples such as a Leave Calendar. The trainer was able to offer a lot of good advice that will be of benefit in our SharePoint implementation.”

Gregory Scott, Information Systems Analyst, University of Otago

Understanding SharePoint on-site course, Wellington, June 2015

“Very informative and professional training in a group environment. I came away with a better understanding of the capabilities and versatility of SharePoint and how to apply this in our business. Detailed and easy-to-follow documentation also provided – thanks for your fantastic knowledgeable service!”

Katie Delaney, Sharepoint Administrator

Understanding SharePoint on-site course, Wellington, April 2015

“I had zero SharePoint experience prior to attending the Understanding SharePoint training. Nevertheless, I found it extremely informative and well-structured, and I left feeling confident. One month later and our SharePoint site is looking better than ever.”

Mark de Jong, Customer Service Representative. OSPRI

Understanding SharePoint for Schools course, Dunedin, March 2015

“I attended the Schools training session delivered by ShareThePoint in Dunedin. My school is just rolling out the Microsoft free software and taking the first tentative steps towards BYOD as our SNUP finally is being done. I found the day to be very beneficial. I was taken through the way in which SharePoint can be used in a school and taken through a range of worked examples which I could directly implement in my own school. The instructor managed to work his way through the content while also adapting his delivery to suit the wide ability level of those attending. No mean feat! I left the day having progressed my understanding of how to use SharePoint in my school and with a few good ideas to start with. I would recommend the training to anyone in school management with responsibility for SharePoint software.”

John Robinson, Information Systems Director, Waitaki Boys' High School

Extending SharePoint public course, Tauranga, December 2014

“I’ve been to a few sessions with ShareThePoint and what I really love are the practical, real life examples. The trainers put things into perspective and explain everything thoroughly, so that I can really see how I can apply what I learn back at the office. The content has always been bang on, and the trainers I’ve met so far have been fantastic in both training style and knowledge.”

Deanna McCracken, Business Analyst, Scion Research

Extending SharePoint public course, Tauranga, December 2014

“ShareThePoint once again has delivered a professional training package providing the confidence and understanding of SharePoint to help improve business process. A well-paced training package with plenty of laughs. Highly recommended – 10/10.”

Grant Carpenter, NZ Police - Western Bay of Plenty

Understanding SharePoint public course, Nelson, May 2015

“The Understanding SharePoint training course provided considerable insight into the benefits that SharePoint could bring to our company. The training was well worth undertaking and I would highly recommend it to other users of SharePoint.”

Anna Reed, Transport industry sector

SharePoint Power User 2-day public course, Wellington, June 2014

“I’ve just returned from attending the SP Power Users course. I have a much better appreciation of the innards of SharePoint and how you operate. The trainer was excellent – extremely knowledge and candid where she needed to be and made complex topics seem so simple. I was very impressed at how well the training material was put together (the environment, the manual, the additional files). You guys have a very slick operation!”

Christopher Ben, Account Manager, Provoke Solutions

Understanding SharePoint on-site course, Wanganui, November 2014

“As the administrator of SharePoint in our workplace it is easy to become entrenched in your own way of doing things. ShareThePoint’s training allowed me to discover more usable features and showed me a few tricks to make things simpler. The tutor was down to earth and explained things very well, while the course content was both interesting and relevant. I would recommend the training and would happily attend future courses on extended topics.”

Jason Lane, IT & Communications, Emmetts Civil Construction

SharePoint Power User 2-day public course, Perth, September 2013

“The SharePoint Power User course I attended in Sept 2013 was very informative and covered a significant amount of material in two days. I now realise that we need to involve staff/users in the early stages of planning our SharePoint intranet to ensure when we roll it out that it meets people’s needs, as well as organisational needs. The trainer (Debbie Ireland) was fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and no question remained unanswered, whether in the training room or by email after the course.”

Kate Gorce-Macham, Executive Assistant to CEO, Real Estate Institute of Western Australia

Understanding SharePoint / Office 365 1-day public course, Christchurch, March 2017

“Prior to the course, I was a complete beginner and had not used SharePoint before. By the end of the day I had enough skills to start pulling together some sites for our school document storage. The day was well organised – a great mix of instruction, information and practical hands-on exercises. I appreciate having the comprehensive course notes for reference back in my workplace. I am looking forward to attending the next level course to further extend my skills.”

Gillian, IT Teacher / Administrator, Special School