Often times we get down in the weeds with SharePoint and forget that many people are just getting onto SharePoint or they are in an environment where they cannot install tools (like SharePoint Designer). This doesn’t mean that that your site can’t be cleaned up a bit. Let’s face it, SharePoint is pretty ugly out of the box. It is meant to be customized. Here are a few easy tricks that anybody can use to make a site look cleaner and more end user friendly.

1. Get rid of those checkboxes

Those checkboxes (as shown below) are ugly and pretty much useless for the end user. Virtually nobody knows what they are for and they make the page jump around depending on the browser.
You can get rid of them with CSS or by editing the web part. To use CSS put the following style on the page (in the HTML of the page or in a Content Editor Web Part). This will affect the entire page (or you can put it in the master page and it will affect every page that uses that master page).<style>
.s4-itm-cbx{DISPLAY: none}
</style>Or you can edit the view of the document/list and change the value for the Tabular View. If you uncheck the “Allow individual item checkboxes”, this will remove the check boxes for that particular web part.


2. ​​Remove headers

The headers of a document/list can sometimes provide valuable information but sometimes they just take up valuable screen real estate. You can use CSS once again to get rid of all the headers on a page (for example, an intranet landing page) using some this style

.ms-viewheadertr {

Or you can use the summary view and it will look something like this.


3. ​Get rid of the View all content and Recycle Bin on landing pages

The “View All Content” and “Recycle Bin” are useful for team sites but you may want to get rid of them for Intranet landing pages or the home page of other types of site collections. You can use CSS once again with the following style.

.s4-specialNavLinkList {

Well, that is all for now. So, keep it simple and keep it clean out there 🙂