SharePoint Services for SMB

SharePoint 4 SMB

ShareThePoint is pleased to announce that we now offer consultancy, training and support services for small to medium-sized businesses!

As SharePoint trainers for over seven years, we decided to answer the call by many small businesses who need support and training to get them over the first initial stages of setting up and using SharePoint. People often already have the means to use SharePoint (e.g. licences, access to software and services), but don’t realise they have all these tools at their fingertips. Often they simply don’t know what they don’t know!

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GET INVOLVED – in 3 easy steps!

Contact Us for an Initial Discussion

See how it can benefit your business and decide whether it is right for your organisation. Or contact us at

SolutionSmallInitial Set Up or Review and Recommend

Define your solution and for a one-off price, have us work with you to get your site up and running FAST!

Have a SharePoint Specialist guide you through the initial setup of your site, including a practical results-based workshop and providing some training along the way.

Further help and SharePoint Consulting Services are there if you need them, but this way, you know your upfront costs.

CoachingOngoing Support and Training

A fatal mistake with most SharePoint implementations is not having ongoing support, motivation, and training. We have a simple solution to that!

SharePoint SOS gives you peace of mind for a low monthly fee. Enjoy a steady flow of help, resources, monthly webinars (with online Tips & Tricks sessions) and discounted training.

​​​Ensure your success with ongoing support and guidance from SharePoint Specialists. Maximise your investment by continually improving and adding to your site as you learn more, whilst promoting user adoption and staff engagement.

Who is this for?

This is for small to medium-sized businesses who want to be hands-on with their Office 365 implementations.  Any bigger, and we will refer you to a trusted Systems Integration Partner.

Are you interested in just SharePoint online?

You don’t need to be using Office 365 and you can just get licences for SharePoint Online – or you can get the free version installed on your server.
See here for alternatives, and please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you have Office 365 already?

You may not realise that you also have SharePoint and the ability to:

  • store all your documents online making them accessible anywhere
  • manage projects
  • create an intranet for your team and/or company
  • make the whole social part of work, actually work!
  • manage information more effectively to avoid duplication and re-work.

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