2019 Predictions for the Digital Workplace and Office 365

As we welcome in 2019, our thoughts go to strategy, planning and new ways of working in our current workplace. While everyone is ​after productivity gains and cost savings, ​technology always plays a large part. ​

What is in store?    ​​

We asked a few of our favourite ​people -many who present at ​our events, are top of their ​game in the Office 365 world, ​and who embrace Digital ​Transformation. ​​

17 experts and customers share their thoughts for the year ahead. This a chance for you to stay informed on what we see as being high impact changes, challenges and chances!

Predictions may be too​ strong a word – educated ​guesses perhaps – ​and not ​necessarily correct, ​but something to ​ponder over your ​morning coffee ….


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