Huge thanks to everyone who participated…

The NZ event kicked off with the Microsoft New Wave of Innovation Keynotes – and while this extended our reach beyond “just talking SharePoint”, I think this was well-received and gave attendees a good look at Microsoft’s roadmap. Watch the time lapse vid here to see the large crowd coming in (Microsoft has a eval also out here – please complete it, so they know what worked with this format).

Dan Holme had to take the best speaker award, across both events, with his keynote, and other sessions. Thank you Dan!

Your feedback – what did you say


The evaluations provided some great insight this year. 92.5% of NZ and 94% of Sydney delegate respondents so far, found the information presented at the conference moderately to extremely useful.

As always, we get a mix of awesome feedback and things we could look to improve on, and take all these on board when planning future events. Here’s some of what you said…

* More 2010 content, given lots of companies are still using 2010

* Sort out the Internet issues, Wi-fi and Mobile App!

* Watch the scheduling – for conflicting sessions, advise well ahead that presentations will be available afterwards (and perhaps recordings)

* Provide more detail in session descriptions, so they are not misleading – bring back levels into the agenda, ensure they are clear what is being presented

* Gameshow, SharePoint Idol and Who is Sam? – some loved them and some hated them!

* Connect Zone needs to be better publicised but was of VERY high value to most people – this we will continue!


The Extend Exhibition area was a hit! Especially as many people recorded one of the reasons for attending events, was to get information on products and services and interact with suppliers. More than 80% found it “very” or “extremely” useful to be able to talk directly with the sponsors about their products and services.
If you haven’t already completed the post-event survey, you can still do so here: Sydney – NZ

Charities chosen

As with last year, we chose to donate the cost to a deserving charity of your choice. Here are the leaders so far…
AUS – RSPCA (NSW) – currently requested by 67% of respondents
NZ – SPCA NZ – currently requested by 46% of respondents (Red Cross currently requested by 41%)

What’s next?

The Melbourne event is looking SUPER exciting – with a major Collaboration theme, and a VERY different Keynote, including Dr Neil Preston, who is a psychologist; and Louis Zulli, providing a customer story from the USA.

Even the tech tracks will contain an element of collaboration – so working together using Agile, and other development tips and tricks. There are some very inspiring speakers – for a peek into the Key Business sessions, take a look here.

And then we see another round of events in 2014 – Singapore, Auckland and Australia (location TBC). To receive regular updates on these, sign up to our newsletter here.

Thank you again to everyone who made these events work! The speakers for their preparation with demonstrations, and content, the sponsors for their active participation and leading the way, and everyone who attended by adding energy and passion to the ever-growing SharePoint Community, and to the organising team for pulling it all together! See you soon!