Welcome to my Microsoft Ignite story. It will be told Live using some of my favourite Microsoft Office tools, embedded and linked to this page.
This page will become very much like a dashboard of my MSIgnite experience, using:

  • Sway
  • OneNote with Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • Yammer

I will use multiple Sways, one for each day. There is so much happening at Microsoft Ignite that each day deserves a Sway of it’s own. I’ll be building my Sways below, before and during MSIgnite.

  • The Live and current Sway for the day will be displayed below.
  • The current experience that I’m sharing Live will be at the beginning of the Sway.

At the conclusion of the conference, I’ll re-order the content chronologically to tell my MSIgnite story.

MSIgnite-Sway-Full-Screen To open my Sway in full screen


MyIgnite-OneNoteView MyIgnite Journal, my notes from the sessions I attend.

Countdown | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5


How I am using the tools?


There are so many options to present lively online content. As a tool for curating content, Sway is easy to use. It’s design tools offer helpful guidance. It’s simple to get started.

I want to share all of my different experiences at MSIgnite. The pictures I take. The commentary I make, via Twitter / Facebook. Video clips and Vines. Good times.
Sway will help me bring it together. A Sway is made up of cards. Much like slides in a presentation, you can add all sorts of content and change the order. I’ll be adding my current experience to the front of my Sway. Whether it be sharing thoughts from an MSIgnite session, snapping selfies with a fellow techie or recording something crazy or inspirational in the moment, you’ll see the next time you refresh this page or my Sway.

OneNote with Office 365

I have enjoyed the benefits of OneNote on a personal level for some years now. It helps me keep organised and I use it to plan, scribble and order my thoughts and ideas. As a team collaboration tool, it’s so easy to use and yet so powerful.
I started taking advantage of the sharing capabilities of OneNote when SharePoint 2013 was released into Office 365 – SharePoint Online. I took advantage of external sharing using the anonymous Guest links to give view access to notebooks. Then I shared the link with the public as I updated the notebook, Live. My first experiment using OneNote as a shared conference notebook was at the 2013 New Zealand SharePoint Conference. With other contributors, we shared notes and experiences from the sessions and conference activities. The result was a notebook that could be shared publicly with attendees and a wider audience, and each contributor received a synced copy of everyone else’s notes.

I hope to do the same at Microsoft Ignite this year. The notebook will be modelled off the OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks, with a few variations.
I do hope to iron out the wrinkles in testing over the next week and open up the invitation for contributors. It should be awesome. OneNote Avengers, unite!

UPDATE – Change of plans. Being short of time, I’m having to put a hold on my project for a collaborative notebook. But I am still using OneNote to share my session notes and reflections during MSIgnite.

MyIgnite Journal is a OneNote notebook located in Office 365 (OneDrive for Business). I am sharing the notebook using a public Guest View link. My notes are freely available – better still, you can view them as they are created Live.

I am creating a section for each session I attend and each section is shared with a Guest View link.
How will you find my notes? As I attend each session, you will see it appear at the front of my Sway for the day.



This service is simply invaluable to me. Using my Windows Phone, all my photos are synchronised to the Camera Roll folder on my Surface. I leave the Camera Roll folder open for quick access while I’m authoring. I can drag them into my Sway, OneNote, add to a Yammer post or make quick edits before Tweeting.


Microsoft Ignite is making great use of Yammer to encourage community, connections, side events / meet-ups and engaging speakers in on-going conversation. Access the MSIgnite Yammer network and join the persistent chatter.

I have the honour of taking part in the Microsoft Office 365 MVP Panel session – BRK2131. It’s going to be like a large room User Group meeting, with open questions, covering hot topics of implementation, usage and adoption of Office 365.
I encourage you to visit the discussion thread for our session and ask questions early at bit.ly/msignite15-brk2131. We’ll try to answer as many questions as we can and get help from all the other talented minds in the audience. Like I said, it’s going to be like a huge Office 365 User Group meeting.
If we don’t get to your question during our session, be sure that you’ll find us chatting away in Yammer before, during and after MSIgnite.


This page is a work in progress… that’s the point. Bringing all these great tools together from Office 365 and OneDrive to share my learnings and experiences. I hope to meet some of you at Ignite!