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IT Pro Track

​Are you an Infrastructure Expert? An IT Pro who wants to understand what 2013 brings? Are you a Reluctant Administrator of an intranet, internet or extranet environment? These sessions might suit you!

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting speakers and content. Make the most of pre-event activities, join the discussion and ask questions.


Mark Rhodes is the Track Lead for the IT Pro Track.

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 IT Pro Sessions

Session Description
Great Intranets in the Modern Age
Intranets have been around for a long time now, but SharePoint has brought new functionality and capability into organisations that promises to transform these sites. But what direction should we be heading, and what makes a truly great intranet? This presentation, by the world's leading intranet expert, will provide a practical and inspirational view of the role that intranets can (and should) play. Many real-world screenshots of intranets will be shared, focusing on SharePoint sites and solutions. These include winners from the global Intranet Innovation Awards.
16/04/2013 11:30 a.m.James Robertson
The Ultimate SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices Session
There are a myriad number of approaches to design and architecture of SharePoint servers, not all of which are ideal, however.  Since the design of a SharePoint environment is subsequently critical to its performance and functionality, it is important to understand what are the best practices around SharePoint infrastructure design. SharePoint architects need to be aware of the various installation options, the differences between SharePoint search architecture models, how and when to virtualise SharePoint, and ways to optimise the SQL Database tier of SharePoint. This session goes right to the heart of the matter, providing for physical and virtual architecture guidelines and specific configuration settings that can immediately be used to construct best practice SharePoint  2013 and 2010 environments. In addition, a high-level look at architecture changes in SharePoint 2013 and new models at the data tier in SQL 2012 are outlined.  Real-world advice obtained from the presenter’s experience designing hundreds of production SharePoint farms is provided, and the installation options are discussed frankly.
16/04/2013 1:30 p.m.Michael Noel
Deployment Wizard: SharePoint 2013 Installation Tips, Tricks and Scripts
Get SharePoint 2013 up and running correctly and quickly. SharePoint MVP Dan Holme shares tricks and tools for deploying SharePoint servers and farms on premises. Learn how to deploy physical and virtual environments, taking advantage of the full suite of Microsoft deployment tools. Ensure that your implementation is locked-down with least-privilege service and administration accounts. And examine the dependencies on other platforms including Identity Services, DNS, and SQL Server. Take away a checklist of considerations, and scripts to help automate your deployment.
16/04/2013 2:45 p.m.Dan Holme
Upgrade to SharePoint 2013: A Methodical Approach
SharePoint 2013 offers organisations compelling reasons to consider an upgrade; with enhancements such as a new touch-friendly UI, browsing speed improvements with minimal download capabilities, and reduced storage overhead using shredded storage. Moving to SharePoint 2013 from an existing legacy SharePoint environment can be a daunting challenge, however; as the upgrade story involves not only content but in many cases complex Service Applications such as the Managed Metadata Service, the User Profile Service, Search, and more. This session covers best practices and tips and tricks that organisations can use to prepare for and execute a trouble-free migration. Included in the discussion is the dynamics of content migration, and specifics for how to upgrade individual service applications.
16/04/2013 4:15 p.m.Michael Noel
Beyond FBA: No-code Authentication with SharePoint and Azure
If you have tried to implement Forms Based Authentication on SharePoint, you probably remember how messy it seems. Hacking up configuration files, troubleshooting and guesswork all abound, as well as maintenance and support of the system being a nightmare. Fortunately, Claims Based Authentication as introduced in SharePoint 2010 and continued as the default model in SharePoint 2013, offers a solution that will allow your users to authenticate with accounts they already have, and methods they are already familiar with; and best of all you don't need any hacks or guesswork to implement. Join Mark Rhodes (Senior Consultant for OBS and SharePoint Server MVP) as he explains Claims Based Authentication; and how you can combine it with SharePoint 2013 and Windows Azure to leverage a powerful new way of authenticating your users that can be setup in just minutes, and that will leave your users remembering the remarkable sign-in experience. If you are running a public-facing website, extranet or you wish to give your intranet users a better sign-in experience, then this is a session you cannot afford to miss.
17/04/2013 10:30 a.m.Mark Rhodes
Planning High Availability for SharePoint 2013 Farms       
In this session we look at the architecture components that must be identified and planned for when deploying high availability for SharePoint 2013 farms. In particular HA for SharePoint server roles, service applications, database servers and databases along with other supporting components that impact the HA capabilities of SharePoint 2013 farms.
17/04/2013 11:45 a.m.Patrick Harkins
SharePoint Search - Can it Do That Too?
SharePoint Enterprise Search has reached new heights. No longer is it just a search in the usual sense of I wish to find  I look for I hopefully find  I use Search now drives user experience, navigation, presentation, aggregation, and can be tailored to present a collected vision across the enterprise. Search brings together published content from a variety of sources and LOB systems and it's all achievable within the browser (no code needed). In this session, we will explore the myriad of ways Search can be used in the enterprise to add value in ways many people won't have considered. You will leave with new must-have search ideas for your own business.
17/04/2013 1:30 p.m.Bryce Saunders
SharePoint Social is not Facebook for the Enterprise!
​The business has asked that when you deploy SharePoint 2013 you "remember to enable social". This session will talk through the various areas of the product required for social functionality and the relevant configuration, performance and security considerations for each.  It will include information for both greenfield deployments and upgrade scenarios.
Finally, a brief summary will be included of a couple of the most popular social add-ons to the platform and where they fit.
17/04/2013 2:45 p.m.Elaine van Bergen
Microsoft Office 365 or Windows Azure – Have it Your Way
Cloud computing today is enterprise software’s version of the buffet: with so many options, where should you begin? Should you go for the whole smorgasbord at once, or pick and choose the menu items that are best for you, through offerings such as Office 365? With the ability to use Azure to host SharePoint for infrastructure-as-a-service, organisations have more options than ever at their fingertips. Each option has its advantages – as well as risks. No matter where your SharePoint environment and content resides, governance and compliance concerns such as privacy and information security must be addressed.
In this presentation, attendees will be provided with:
• A blueprint for successfully navigating which deployment option is best suited to house your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure
• Governance and compliance considerations that will help determine whether an “all in”, hybrid, or on-premises approach is right for you
• Best practices for beginning to implement the architecture best suited to your business goals.
17/04/2013 4:15 p.m.Chris Thorpe