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Case Study Track​

The 2013 conference promises once again to deliver an excellent array of case studies and examples of SharePoint in action. This year we will hear from speakers spanning a range of industries from Education to Utilities; from Tourism to Insurance; and will see how SharePoint has been used to solve a wide range of business challenges.

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Debbie Ireland is the Track Lead for the Case Study Track.

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Case Study Sessions

Session Description
The NZ Fire Service Enterprise SharePoint GeoSpatial Platform
This session looks at New Zealand Fire Service's new geospatial technology platform which features SharePoint and Esri GIS software integration.  The solution provides NZ Fire Service with a range of geo-enabled tools and services including map viewers, analysis, publishing and a spatially enabled change request workflow.  NZ Fire Service will lead the presentation with an overview of the business services provided by their SharePoint environment, followed by a more technical part of the session focusing on the geospatial solution architecture, system management and capabilities provided by the tools used.
16/04/2013 11:30 a.m.Pete Smith ; Stuart Waring,
Partners Life: Taking it to the Cloud
Hear about the Partners Life and the Provoke experience of implementing SharePoint Online to do their business in the cloud. The solution involved transferring and tracking hundreds of thousands of policy-related documents from paper-based to electronic, to make them easily available to their staff. Hear first-hand how they leveraged cloud technologies to minimise the cost of physical hardware, maintenance of, and onsite resources during their start-up period. There will be something here for everyone.
16/04/2013 1:30 p.m.Alla Boglaeva; Hayden Jonas
Powerco Intranet: Bells and Whistles Without Code
Powerco's SharePoint implementation has a strong focus on no-code solutions. The NZ utilities company does not compromise on functionality and looks, though. This session showcases real-life examples and approaches with just out-of-the-box features; dynamic seating plans with SharePoint lists; Visio Services interactive calculation mash-ups with Excel Services; InfoPath forms page layouts for different types of publications on a SharePoint intranet; mega menu navigation for a SharePoint intranet that can be built and maintained by end users; shopping cart system for an internal company site where employees can buy corporate apparel. created with SharePoint, SP Designer and InfoPath.
16/04/2013 2:45 p.m.Ingeborg Hawighorst
Using SharePoint to Create Smart Solutions for NZ Healthcare Providers
Rotorua General Practice Group (RGPG) initially implemented a SharePoint solution to manage scanned enrolment forms for each of their practices.  From there they expanded their service offering to include a wider audience and include more collaboration, communication and document management tools. PrimeWise is a collaboration solution for health providers enabling PHOs to centrally manage collaboration and resources needed for their practices. EnrolWise provides a repository for enrolment forms with search and reporting tools to ensure auditable evidence of valid enrolment information. IL worked with RGPG to build the server infrastructure, develop the information design, SharePoint branding and build the PrimeWise and EnrolWise templates to roll out to RGPG’s current practices.
16/04/2013 4:15 p.m.David Seel ; Chris Walmsley
E.M.P.E.R.O.R and Antarctica: A Novel Approach to Developing a Logistical Planning Portal
Come and hear how Antarctica New Zealand joined forces with Information Leadership to improve productivity and reduce risk, by integrating a SharePoint extranet portal with a back-end scheduling system to deliver E.M.P.E.R.O.R. This king-sized acronym reflects the diverse range of information the system manages: Event Management – Personnel, Environment, Risk, Operations & Resources. This solution overcomes a severe bandwidth constraint by replicating data over a satellite WAN, thus enabling operational use at Scott Base in Antarctica. Reporting Services and a MS Project plug-in were also key technologies for this project.
17/04/2013 10:30 a.m.Greg Jack ; Jos Auker-Woor
Swiss Army SharePoint - TVNZ and Tourism NZ
This session combines two customers with diverse requirements, and multiple outcomes. TVNZ has focused on delivering a highly engaging and visual intranet, reflecting their image and culture. Emphasis on social and distributed governance made this a collaborative success.  Tourism NZ needed to replace their legacy document management solution with PRA Compliance in mind. Given the global distribution of this organisation, there had to be considerations around WAN speed, offline and mobile users and internet connectivity.
17/04/2013 11:45 a.m.Irina Winsley; Kevin Mulcare; Donnel Cyril
Wintec: Great Things Happen When You Get Out of the Way!
Wintec Information Technology Services (ITS) has been on a journey from gatekeepers to being the gateway - encouraging the use of technology for what technology is good at! In 2012 Wintec introduced SharePoint team sites for each department in our organisation and set our staff free to do what they want! Since then, our staff have self-developed capabiliites to bring our SharePoint platform to life. Each week, new business processes are being automated - by staff, without ITS.
17/04/2013 1:30 p.m.Garry Johnston
How the SharePoint App Store Positions Your Company for World Domination
Now that SharePoint 2013 is available, almost every SharePoint user wants to know “What the heck is the App Store? How will it impact my environment? How will it impact me?”  You’ve got questions? Dell Software SharePoint expert and Product Manager Dan Barker has answers!  In this session, you’ll learn how the App Store will help you unlock the full potential of SharePoint by offering business users the ability to download valuable apps from a public market place—without posing risk to the environment—and use them to create better SharePoint solutions that IT can easily support and maintain. An app from the App Store could be the difference between an average SharePoint site and one that takes your team to the next level. Come witness how the App Store will help you improve SharePoint adoption and enable you to focus on more strategic projects and daily SLAs.
17/04/2013 2:45 p.m.Dan Barker
SharePoint In Action: What We Did at NBC Olympics
Last summer, Dan Holme served as Microsoft Technologies Consultant for NBC Olympics for the broadcast of the 2012 Summer Games from London. SharePoint “won the gold” as a platform for rich collaboration and rapidly deployed solutions, as it did for NBC in Vancouver, Beijing, and Torino. Join Dan Holme, Microsoft Technologies Consultant for NBC Olympics, for an inside look at how SharePoint is put to use in one of the most unique IT efforts in the world. Discover ways that you might leverage SharePoint in your enterprise, and how the Olympics broadcast can inform the choices you make supporting and developing for SharePoint. SharePoint was used extensively to support collaboration between thousands of employees and contractors, and to automate processes including IT help desk services like application and printer deployment. What we did with SharePoint may not be rocket science, but it's a case study in how SharePoint can serve to unify access to content, process, and service in a real-world enterprise. We will also share what Dan hopes to accomplish with SharePoint 2013 as he begins preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Come and see what we did, and take away practical ideas for what SharePoint can do for you. NOTE: This session is a practical, "real-world" look at the SharePoint value proposition, and discusses ways to use SharePoint that are meant to spur attendees to "think out of the box" with out-of-the-box SharePoint features. This is a session for BDMs and IT Pros who wear BDM/BA hats.
17/04/2013 4:15 p.m.Dan Holme