With the ability to make tacit knowledge sharing much easier, allow for better communication throughout globally dispersed organizations, and much more, enterprise social collaboration platforms such as SharePoint 2013 are being adopted by many organizations throughout Australia and Singapore. At AvePoint, we help more than 10,000 organizations worldwide collaborate with confidence each day, and because of that, we understand that just simply implementing these solutions is not enough. Factors such as governance and compliance are essential to take into account in order to ensure productivity is maximized, infrastructure is properly managed, and information is both accessible to those who should have access to it and protected from those who should not.

Throughout July and August, we look forward to presenting a special webinar series for organizations throughout Australia and Singapore that cover the important topics of social collaboration, governance, and compliance. The sessions include:

* The Future of Social Collaboration at 13.00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Tuesday, July 9 presented by AvePoint Client Service Director Randy Williams.

* Enforcing Governance for your Collaboration Platforms at 13.00 AEST on Tuesday, July 23 presented by AvePoint Singapore Country Manager and AvePoint Japan Chief Operating Officer Ken Shiomitsu.

* Collaboration Gone Wild: Validating your Compliance Posture at 13.00 AEST on Tuesday, August 13 presented by AvePoint Compliance Specialist Bacchus van Loo.

Learn about each session below.

The Future of Social Collaboration

During this session I will share my vision on social collaboration in the enterprise. I will introduce the notion of social collaboration and how it is starting to change collaboration within the enterprise. Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

* An introduction to what social collaboration is and how it has evolved

* The benefits of encouraging and adopting social collaboration in the enterprise

* Approaches to adopting social collaboration in the workplace

* The social collaboration capabilities of SharePoint 2013, Yammer, and NewsGator

* An introduction to the governance strategy necessary for adopting social collaboration.

Enforcing Governance for your Collaboration Platforms

Ken Shiomitsu will dive deep into the topic of governance and discusses how to align your governance requirements with the architecture of your collaboration platform, using SharePoint as an example. Attendees will take away:

* Practical guidance as to what a governable SharePoint architecture looks like

* Checklist of governance policies that should be enforced

* An introduction to DocAve Policy Enforcer for proactive governance enforcement.

Collaboration Gone Wild: Validating your Compliance Posture

Bacchus van Loo will go through the compliance landscape in APAC. He will discuss the compliance challenges that are faced every day by privacy and risk managers, data owners and IT, and how these stakeholders can work with each other by using AvePoint Compliance Solutions. Attendees will learn:

* Potential regulatory requirements in APAC that could impact your organization

* Common challenges and pain points associated with ensuring compliance of enterprise collaboration platforms, including SharePoint

* AvePoint framework for balancing collaboration and compliance

* An introduction to AvePoint Compliance Guardian.

Interested in joining us? Be sure to visit our website and register today! We look forward to sharing best practices and interacting with you at each of these events.