What doesn’t work in Chrome?

So..in some cases, organisations need to use Chrome, or another browser other than IE, due to the fact the company hasn’t yet upgraded IE…(as it is needed for other applications’ use) …or whatever reason.

SharePoint 2013 has greatly improved in BOTH cross-browser and multiple device use…however, users need to be aware of the limitations of the browser, so they don’t “blame” SharePoint for not working; OR they must realise, that when they are in another browser like IE, they will get another experience.

So here we go…and please, add  a comment of others you have found so we can update this!

NOTE: the best blog post on the Browser Support Matrix is http://www.sharepointjoel.com/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=520 – this is more related to 2010 but provides an excellent overview…the below is more end user things to consider, and hopefully relates mostly to 2013.


OpenExplorerSomething I use often, when I need to transfer lots of docs, or just view a library – is the “Open in Explorer” from the Library Tab. You will find that this is greyed out when in Chrome.

Alternatives – you could sync the library from within SharePoint – this does createSyncSP an offline version of all the documents, but also allows you to view the synchronised libraries within the browser, as shown in the image:

COPY/PASTE from Excel

This is handy whern you have lots of data in an Excel spreadsheet and want to transfer it, in bulk.

You can still ....  edit, filter sort, use Quick View (was Edit in Datasheet in 2010) and fill down …Quick View in Chrome now works, an improvement on earlier verisions, which is great!

Alternatives – you could…​ import a spreadsheet to create a list from scratch? Or enter items one at a time…

OPEN Documents

This may vary depending on the version of SharePoint and Chrome – and the plug-ins you may have installed. But beware of behaviour such as:

* A .PDF or .MSG (email file) may download, rather than display in browser – this was true in SharePoint 2010 of Word Docs also.

* An Excel doc may not open.

EXPORT to Excel, Open with Access, Open with Project

Some lists will not export to Excel, as they require a compatible application. This is similiar with Access and Project, but the Sync to Outlook (e.g. a Contacts list) does work!

Alternatives – you could view in QUICK VIEW – or “edit the list” and while in this view, copy and paste the data to Excel; of course you would need to watch for the right fields being shown in your view, and no limitations of numbers of items being displayed.

Upload Multiple Documents

From the Library tab (in SharePoint 2010), the Upload Multiple documents didn’t work in Chrome; however you can now drag-and-drop multiple files within SharePoint 2013 from within IE or Chrome.

This post is a work in progress so I would really appreciate any feedback, or links to existing resources to complete the story for users! Thank you.